Shhhh….listen to the answers in the stillness

For me…this week has been all about stillness…simplicity. I’ve felt myself drawn toward quietness…toward purity. The more I’ve been able to still my mind…the gentler my life has got…and the more peace I’ve experienced. I’ve also found myself shedding labels; it no longer seems necessary to put anything after ‘I am’, like ‘tired’ or ‘a poor mother’ and so on and so forth. It is enough to just be….because I just am. As soon as we add something, qualify it, we are judging, and judging feels completely superfluous.

I used to overthink everything….I think I could have won awards for it! You might like to read Overthinking. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! I can tell you it was so exhausting. Since I realised I didn’t need to follow or give energy to any of my thoughts I didn’t want to, I have found I get everything done more quickly and efficiently because my mind isn’t all bunged up with endless loops of answerless questions. I’m not wasting precious time trying to work out what people were thinking; we can never know this and it simply clogs up and slows down our thought processes. You might like to read It started with a kiss….Keep It Slow and Simple.

When we enter the stillness…the answers we are seeking come to us

Everything I have read or heard recently has seemed to show that lots of other people are also feeling the stillness, but actually, it is just I’m inferring this because of my newly updated ‘peaceful filter’! New day, new life; isn’t is time you had a good day, every day? describes how I felt when I first learned not to be a slave to my emotions…not to be anxious or depressed most of the time….to lead a gentle life. When I realised that what I’d thought of as reality was just a series of stories I’d made up, I was free. In that freedom, I found the stillness. Into the space I created, came love…and we can always, always choose love. You’ll find more on this in Choosing fear over love.

I have noticed that the more comfortable I feel with who I am, without recourse to question or judge, the less jealously I feel I need to guard my time and possessions; I used to be so insecure that I couldn’t give away any part of myself. Now that I am free to love myself and others, there is no room for fear; sharing and giving has become comfortable and natural.

I now love stripping away all the complications I had innocently manufactured, and simply live in the moment. We humans are way too good at missing ‘now’ because of our hurry to get ‘there’. Once we are able to see the beauty in the ordinary, the joy in every day, the awesomeness of the journey, we find it doesn’t really matter whether we get ‘there’ or not.

Woooaaah there, I have a business to run; I’m important!

You may think being more present and more loving would take away your edge, quench the fire of your ambition and motivation. Actually, I run several businesses and they’re all performing better, not worse, since I became a human rather than a sales person. My life has been massively enriched now I don’t live with the stress of the ‘hustle’. When I get ‘there’, ‘there’ often isn’t the ‘there’ I’d planned for, but it’s always wonderful. It feels like I have more hours in my day now I’m not having to wade though endless unnecessary thoughts.

As long as we allow our fearful thoughts to rule us, rather than simply letting them go; as long as we insist on over-complicating everything, we will be forever locked into a prison we have created.

Ouch….it hurts

Every single bit of our suffering comes from believing the stories we tell ourselves. I was no longer prepared to go on suffering…and I can help you to ditch it forever, whenever you’re ready.

When we become aware of the choices we have over our feelings, it’s really easy to retrain our brains to see the beauty in everything and everyone. It isn’t possible to be mindful of the beauty in this moment and to overthink; conversely, it isn’t possible to see the beauty around us right now when our thoughts are galloping, untethered, round our heads. I don’t know about you, but I choose peace over wild horses every time!

It is important to recognise our feeling of peace, because, in this place, we can trust our decisions and can feel free to take actions. Once we recognise this pure space within us, we will also know when we are not there, when we are not grounded. When we are not in our peaceful place, we will be aware how urgent everything…when we recognise that we’re not grounded, we will know to leave making decisions until we naturally return to our balanced and contented mood. I have found this is incredibly useful.

Keeping present, is the way to be peaceful; we only ever have right now…a long succession of right nows. I vote to meet it with love rather than overcomplicating everything…overthinking everything….judging everything….labelling everything….

Isn’t it time for you to change too? Is your current way working for you? My way certainly wasn’t working me.

I cannot get this beautiful Rumi quote out of my head….some of you will remember I posted it a few weeks ago. I’m going to leave its peacefulness with you.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there”

Next time I'm going to be writing about knowing when to trust your feelings. Until then, have an amazing time and be sure to comment or contact me if you have any questions or input.

Love Catherine x


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