The second step in The Catherine Harman Subconscious Rewiring Process, after the Subconscious Rewiring Masterclass is The Happily Ever After Program, HEAP(s of love) for short.

It is a one year program designed to help you become the very best version of you.

To show you how to rewire your subconscious at a neurological level so that you will feel empowered and in control.
The Happily Ever After Program, takes all the theoretical knowledge you may have gained from research, and everything you learn on the incredibly inspirational and transformational Subconscious Rewire Masterclass and lifts you, effortlessly and quickly to a whole new level of understanding.

A whole new level of love.

Happily Ever After Program

You Will Learn to:

Learn to within HEAP

✔ Take Control Of Your Thoughts And Emotions

✔ Massively Elevate Your Confidence

✔ Set And Stick To Healthy Boundaries

✔ Always Know The Best Thing To Say And Do

✔ Become Confrontation-less

✔ Have Great Relationships With Yourself And Everyone Else

✔ Enjoy Clarity Of Mind

✔ Make Quick And Reliable Decisions

✔ Start Living Rather Than Just Existing

I deliver this over 12 months, during which time you will have fortnightly live coaching calls with me along with 8 written sections of lessons and exercises

SECTION 1 – Discover Your Stories And Release Them

You will gain an understanding of why you are where you are in your life so that you can move on – dwelling in the past and on your problems just pushes you deeper into the pain of them.

You’ll start looking at your mindset and how to view your ‘problems’ in a whole new way.

You will be empowered by knowing that, from now on, you can always choose to leave your issues in the past and let go of all pain.

You’ll learn that you are in control of your own luck, and that your life will get better and better.

You will learn to recognise the stories you tell yourself and discover how to let them go…to feel the freedom.

You will also learn why not to listen to well-meant advice.

You’ll notice when your thoughts are of poor quality and how to address that.

You will learn the effect that fear has on you and how to overcome it.

You’ll find that you have all the inner resources you will ever need to fix your whole life…everything is so much easier when you know where to look for your solutions.

You will learn that the truth, as you see it, is purely your unique perspective in that moment and not reality…not fact…not the ‘truth’ at all!

SECTION 2 – Let The Love In

You will learn how you can take control of your own happiness…how you need never again allow yourself to be hurt by anyone…or anything.

You’ll discover how to never feel any unwanted emotion again.

You will find that how you feel in any moment, is a choice, and choosing love is always an option, even when it feels anything but.

You’ll learn to love yourself first so that you can love others fully. This might seem a difficult or even ‘incorrect’ thing to do but please remember to be open to new possibilities…if you want something new, you’ve got to do something new.

You’ll look at how the people in your life have changed since you met and view that change differently,

You will learn how to create a safe space for yourself and others.

You’ll learn how to clear out unwanted emotion and allow love to flow in.

You will see that when you let go of your grip on people, they will choose to stay with you.

You’ll take ownership of how you show up in all your relationships.

SECTION 3 – Boundaries And Clarity

You will learn that the love, peace and joy you seek, have always been within you and that it isn’t until you learn to connect with them, that you can fully love anyone else…or be truly loveable.

In a guided meditation you will learn to step back from the business and noise of your daily life…because the love, and therefore all your answers are in the stillness.

You will learn how to know, for sure, when you can trust your decisions.

You’ll be able to recognise how grounded you are…and how important this is.

You will be lifted to a whole new level with all your relationships (with your partner, your family, your friends, your colleagues etc.) by understanding the difference between needing and actually loving people.

You’ll learn about others’ boundaries and how to be respectful of them…you’ll get to know yourself a little better and see where you may be asking too much of people.

You’ll learn how best to react to confrontation.

You will start to appreciate the merits of silence and how you can use it to make massive improvements to your life.

You’ll explore whether ignoring people could ever help stop the fights…

SECTION 4 – Gratitude

You’ll discover how many things, that have been hurting or angering you, can simply be let go…and will learn how to do this.

You will understand that only hurt people, hurt people. Healed people wouldn’t need to hurt anyone.

You’ll see that all your thoughts and how you perceive any advice you get, is based only on your reality in that moment.

You will learn to practise gratitude effectively.

You will see that forgiveness is 100% for you, and nothing to do with what or who you believe upset you.

You’ll discover how to gently take all the heat from any situation, putting a stop to all arguments.

You will understand that some days will be better than others…and that’s okay.

You’ll learn that ALL your experiences come from YOU and that understanding this will free you to be happy and peaceful every day.

You will gain inspiration and motivation.

SECTION 5 – Only Kindness

You’ll learn something that was earth-shatteringly huge for me; that when you know you aren’t in a grounded enough place to think clearly, you can be quiet!

You’ll also learn about being ‘sorry’.

You will go more deeply into how you judge everything you encounter, including your relationships from the only perspective you know….yours.

You’ll discover how to bring the love back…to recapture the magic. Even if you don’t feel you’re ready yet.

You will learn how to only think…and share, kind thoughts.

If you’re struggling with a romantic relationship, you’ll learn to improve physical intimacy.

You’ll learn about perfection….and whether you should expect it….

SECTION 6 – It Is What It Is

You will learn to choose if you want to be right or happy.

You’ll discover that you don’t have to have the last word.

You will see that you are just one half of every relationship you’re in and that others have feelings, fears and needs too…and how you can be okay with that.

You’ll discover that you don’t need to be in control of everything, and experience the beauty of allowing yourself to surrender to what will be.

Here you learn to hone in and practice your listening skills.

You’ll discover the reasons why many people don’t allow themselves to improve their lives, and learn to cease judging.

You will learn about inside-out thinking.

You’ll find that whatever your monsters…none of them are real.

You will learn to pause and question what you are about to say or do.


SECTION 7 – Oneness And Strength

You will reconnect to the beautiful souls around you…and see them in a whole new and wonderful light.

You’ll learn that the feeling of resentment can actually be very useful to you…and how to harness it.

You will cease to be a hapless victim and learn to embrace your innate happiness…the happiness that has always been there…waiting patiently for you to remember it.

You will find that you have become a warrior instead of a worrier.

You’ll learn to stop attaching to past experiences which are holding you back from living your life right here, right now.

You will discover how to step up your okayness from occasionally to always!

Here you’ll learn about manifesting and if it could help you.

SECTION 8 – Be The Change

Now you have learned to love yourself, and your close family, we take it further….to embrace your and your partner’s family.

Whether you already have children or plan to in the future, you’ll learn to take the stress out of parenting.

You’ll learn about self-care and its role.

You will discover how to enhance your life by always choosing what to feel.

It’s time to celebrate you and how much you’ve grown.

You’ll learn some easy and practical improvements you can make to your life.

You will be reminded that there is always further to grow…always more love to find…and that your whole future will be whatever you make it.

What people say…

“I’ve started to fix the ‘monsters’ in my head. I am accepting them…and when I accept them, they aren’t monsters to me any more, and I’m not scared of them.

I’m a new person. Calmer. I’m not just okay, I’m a better version of myself!
Catherine is the absolute best. God puts people in your life for a reason, and she is one of the caring and understanding people I needed in my life, to get to where He’s trying to get me”

Brandon J

“I was in an awful dark place and Catherine brought me into the light, gave me my confidence back and so much more.
I know she will help you, I’ve never had more faith in anyone.

After seeing shrinks, counsellors etc. and getting nowhere, she showed me the way forward”

Clare P

“People (who didn’t have my best interests at heart) keep disappearing from my life and I don’t mind! They make room for the extra special ones coming in.

I’m loving what I’m learning through HEAP. I need the coaching sessions to keep me on track till it sinks in deeper and becomes part of me.

I can feel life changing and I feel free to be me”

Katie H

If you’d like to take your first step on this transformational journey