Nobody likes a know-it-all!

I remember always feeling that I had to be supremely skilful at everything I did….not just good but extremely good, and whenever possible, the best. With hindsight and a far better understanding of how our thoughts work, I can see that this need came from a fearful place. I was scared of being caught out and somehow found lacking. I tirelessly availed myself of as much information as possible from a plethora of different sources to make myself an expert in my fields….just like we’re told to do by most business trainers. There was no harm in becoming skilful of course; the harm came from doing it from a frightened rather than loving mindset. I was in constant ‘fight or flight’ and used my knowledge as a shield…but had no concept of that then. Knowledge was what made me ‘good enough’; made me worthy….and, I felt the need to demonstrate that prowess whenever possible…cringe. I thought my desire was simply to be in the optimum position to provide the very best training, the best services, the best products….I was so sure I knew why I wanted to be the best at everything…that I blocked myself from actually knowing.

I’ve found that this blocking can happen in any situation and with any knowledge but once we become aware of it, we’re opened up to actually hearing new ways of doing things and fresh ways of seeing them. It was fascinating to discover how many areas I found where I was stopping myself from having to feel inadequate by preferring to believe I knew everything! I wonder where you may be blocking new knowledge and new happiness?

I see clearly now the rain is gone…

You probably don’t remember this Johnny Nash song but he sings about the clarity he has found and that it’s now going to be a ‘bright, bright sun-shiny day’. I wonder if he’s simply talking about the weather or is using it as an analogy about the way we feel good when things are going our way; how we feel sad when we believe we are being thwarted? Most of us could identify with this idea about feeling ‘good’ when ‘the sun is shining; we ‘know’ that it has ‘made us happy’. Because we’re so sure this is how it works, we are blocking the idea that, actually, we carry our love around with us, that we have absolutely everything we need to have an amazing experience of life and never need look to anyone or anything else for it. That we never need to wait for a holiday or the weekend or anything else to unlock our joy.

We had it all along

We can spend whole lifetimes being closed and ‘safe’; we prefer to stay in the hell we know rather than embrace change and growth; often, we don’t even know there is another way to be. I’m here to tell you that there is…that there is an amazing world out there, that stepping out of your familiar mindset has extremely few drawbacks and a whole world of benefits.

I’ve got this, okay?!

When I start working with new clients or have been asked by someone what I do, I am often told that they already know what I’m talking about; they’re sometimes incredulous that I’m trying to share something that is so clearly common knowledge. Occasionally, they are affronted that I’m wasting their time with such obvious matter. I’ve never said I’m delivering anything earth-shatteringly new, or even at all new, I’m simply sharing a way to see things in a way that we couldn’t previously. I’m showing you a way to reconnect with the peaceful, joyful you that has been waiting patiently all your life; enabling you to rediscover your higher self, the God-spark within us all, universal love…or however you think of as the kindness behind life, the place where there is always, always peace. I will never forget or cease being grateful for the very moment I reconnected. My life suddenly became gentle..loving. Read New day, new life; isn’t it time you had a good day, everyday? for more about that day.

We’re so sure we know the answers and what other people think that we often find ourselves feeling impatient when someone offers their thoughts…does this sound familiar? Are you ready to hear this? Now I find that listening to hear…rather than listening to respond is how I learn to grow…how I understand that there is never only one way to do things…how others’ ways are often as good or better than my way…how we are ultimately, all one. I used to miss so much by writing off people or concepts as being boring or beneath me in some way. When we truly listen, we see that there is a wealth of knowledge to absorb.

There is always more love

When we reconnect with the limitless love, that is always ours, everything feels easy, everything

flows comfortably and as it should; in this place of clarity and wisdom, we are no longer judgemental, we can trust our thoughts, believe our intuition….experience peace.

To all those who believe they already know all I have to offer…may I respectively ask how that’s working for you? How does life seem to be treating you? I used to be miserable, holding myself in a place of suffering but now my life is totally awesome; it doesn’t feel like I could be any happier…but I am open to whatever comes. I’m still learning and growing and hope I always will be. Far from making me feel inadequate it now makes me feel wonderful; I love that there is always more love!

Once we understand this, at a deep level, we no longer experience ‘bad’ feelings, we see the joy and love in everything, we are simply and graciously happy.

When I’m coaching, I can always tell, from what people say about their lives, whether they ‘really’ understand what I’m sharing, whether they only understand it intellectually, in theory, or whether they simply don’t understand at all. It is such a beautiful thing to experience their understanding deepen….to see them open up to the possibility of learning more…to watch their joy when they learn to greet life with love rather than fear, when they begin to meet all new ideas and situations with openness and acceptance. You see, once they get this, their lives will never seem tough again; their lives will become awesome.

Next time I’ll be writing about overwhelm. Until then, have a beautiful time and please comment or contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Love Catherine x

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