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The Subconscious Rewire Masterclass is your first step in The Catherine Harman Subconscious Rewiring Process. SRM leads into the Happily Ever After Program for those who would like to take even more control over their own joy, serenity and fulfilment.

This process Is quite simply the fastest, simplest, most permanent way I know of transforming your life to one of wisdom, peace and happiness.

It Is Way Beyond Anything I’ve Ever Seen In My 30 Years Of Coaching.

It is super-friendly for people who are completely new to self-growth and those who have been educating themselves in this area for a long time.

I have tried and tested it on multiple different people in varied situations and from incomparable walks of life…and had fabulous results.

All you need for deep transformation is an open heart and an open mind.

Happy Mind Masterclass

You Will Learn:

Learn To Within the Happy Mind Masterclass

✔ Where your thoughts come from and that believing them is a choice

✔ How to step away from stress and relax

✔ Various ways of stilling your mind

✔ About meditation and its uses

✔ How to reclaim your life

✔ To make better decisions

✔ Make Quick And Reliable Decisions

✔ To get into the driver’s seat of life

Delivered over 4 days

Day 1

Introduction To Subconscious Rewiring:

The Problem You’re Facing & Why You’re Holding Yourself There

On the first day of the Subconscious Masterclass, we will focus on why your own mind is blocking you and how you can start reclaiming your life… and living the one you want and deserve.

You will discover why The Catherine Harman Subconscious Rewiring Process is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to anything you have been taught before.

We will discuss ways of tapping into your subconscious and why this is a far quicker and more effective way of eradicating stress, anxiety and overthinking than any of the tools, strategies, methods and techniques out there.

You’ll also learn how to use powerful guided meditation and affirmations to bypass your conscious mind and start finally accepting and loving yourself…getting to know yourself more fully.

The Subconscious Rewire Masterclass will also offer an opportunity to join a community of like-minded people who are all passionate about re-routing their neural pathways in order to reclaim their lives as well as connecting with others on this incredible journey.

REMEMBER… this 4 day masterclass is designed to help both beginners and those experienced in self-growth to learn how to remould their neural networks to build self-esteem and improve their relationships with themselves and everyone and everything else in their lives.

Only and always from a place of love.

Day 2

Discover And Accept Your Blocks:

Release Them To Make Room For Love, Joy, Fulfilment & Success

On the second day of the Subconscious Rewire Masterclass you will begin to notice where you are self-sabotaging and learn how to avoid this from now on.

We will start looking at how all your worry and overthinking takes place right here, right now – in the only time you ever have.

Discover how to ‘stretch’ time…how to literally give yourself more conscious time.
You’ll learn how to start and keep relationships that fulfil and nurture you.

You’ll discover what is actually going on in your brain and how this knowledge will empower you to rise above the chaos.

You will also learn about some of the science behind thought and how it can help you achieve your happiness goals.

I’ll share with you, my fool-proof way of always being able to say and do the right thing.

We will talk about self-care and other methods you’ve tried and how social and other media is giving you entirely the wrong ideas about them…how they are taking up your time and money…and doing the opposite of what you think.

You will discover a powerful way to learn from rather than repeat your mistakes.

You’ll learn how to say YES to life…how to stop blaming and trying to change your situation and instead accept each day without judgement.

Discover how to step away from victim mode and into empowerment.

You will see how stilling your mind is essential to rewiring and how to find the answers you’re seeking in the silence.

You will become aware exactly where you are covering up your true self and why. You will then be able to free yourself and soar to your full potential.

REMEMBER… once you have rewired your subconscious, you will never again have need of any tool to help you. Your mind will have formed new pathways and will naturally take you to where you want to be.

Day 3

Connect With The Real You…

The Authentic You…The You Before You Got Lost Under All The Life Stuff

On day 3 of the Subconscious Rewire Masterclass, we will look further at how you can truly live your life in the present moment, rather than just exist and battle through your days.
Discover how to never again miss opportunities…and joy.

You will explore exactly how you want your life to look, and learn to be the very best possible version of yourself, living your best possible life!

You will also learn how to recognise your unique blend of stress symptoms… despite your having normalised many of them… and discover what effect they have on your body and health, so that you can deal with them easily, efficiently and quickly.

Learn how to make this Day One rather than just one day.

You will be diving deep into your innermost desires and learning exactly how to use goal setting correctly to attain the happiness and success you’re striving for in all areas of your life.

Discover what you could achieve if you weren’t scared!

Learn how to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Through an extremely powerful inner child meditation, you will soothe and heal your vulnerable self at a deep subconscious level to achieve unknown levels of freedom, happiness and peace.

SNEAK PEAK… you are going to experience, first hand, how much coaching can help YOU.
Please have questions ready and I’ll get through as many as I can.

REMEMBER… from now on, you will always be able to connect with and use your inner wisdom to help you make decisions and live and love your life to the fullest.

Day 4

Learn Why You Think As You Do,

So You Can Take Good Quality Courses Of Action… And Succeed In Life

On the fourth day of the Subconscious Rewire Masterclass, you will be empowered to make and stick to strong, but always gentle, decisions about your life and how you choose to live it.

We’ll explore breaking free of your shackles and stepping out of your comfort zone, and into having power over your life.

Learn to show up for yourself and how to greet anything and everything that comes along with gentleness and grace.

Learn to equip yourself with lots of practical ways of transforming your life, right now…
Explore the specific types of negative thought patterns and how to harness this knowledge to overcome each of them.

Explore, at a deeper level, how you can rewire your subconscious to work with you rather than against you, so that you can live a genuinely loving and loved life.

Learn to make choices about which of your thoughts to believe and take action on.

Step into the driver’s seat and finally take control of the wheel.

Make the right, happy and healthy choices for you.

Finally we’ll wrap up with a question and answer session so that you don’t leave The Subconscious Rewire Masterclass, wishing you’d asked something that could move you on with the relationships you have with yourself, your partner, your friends and family, your body, your health, your finances, your spirituality and literally everything else in your life.

SNEAK PEAK… You will get the chance to pick the brains of one of my clients who has worked with me for some time and is a little further along her journey than you are. She will share with you her experiences of transforming her life from worry and heartache to accomplishment and happiness.

This will be your opportunity to glean all you can from someone who has travelled along this journey. Have your questions ready and she will answer as many as she can.

REMEMBER… we always approach self-growth with compassion and understanding…for yourself, primarily, and for everyone else you encounter.

See what people say…

“For the first time I feel okay in knowing I can hold myself and manage myself and love myself and not feel like a failure.

I can have thoughts and realise they’re just patterns. I’ve learned, through this program, the role of my thoughts in making things worse for myself.

I’m very grateful”

Claire W

“Catherine has helped me take my understanding of patience, peace and gratitude from knowing it intellectually to actually feeling it in my heart, in all situations, always.

My marriage and many other relationships have improved exponentially”

Sumayra A

“My relationships are now strong with my partner, family and friends, I enjoy life more, and even my health has improved. Every single aspect of my life has been turned around and it was all down to Catherine’s processes on how to change my thoughts. Everyone notices how much happier, calmer and easier to talk to I am now”

Debra S