Less doing, more being…and lose the cheerleaders

I had a new and wonderful insight this week where things dropped further into place and my understanding got even deeper; I’d love to share it with you.

I’ve understood for a long time that less is more…that we can most easily connect to the peace, clarity and wisdom that is always, always within is, when we are still. What I’ve just found is that I can have access to that peace more and more of the time.

We are used to being told that we should be doing something with our lives. We should be taking active steps toward our goals and oughtn’t ever take our eye of the ball. We should continuously remind ourselves of our dreams and how we can achieve them; make lists, check them constantly, tick off what we’ve completed, do this, do that, adjust this, change that……until we feel like we’re drowning or that our heads are about to explode; we’re overthinking so much that we become paralysed, inefficient and burnt out.

Let it go

When I was a teenager, my family owned a sailing dinghy. During the summer months, for several years, my father and I sailed almost every day. He was the captain, so sat at the back, steering with the tiller and I was crew so held the sheet (rope) and controlled how tight I kept the jib (front sail). If things ever got a little hairy and we had to make sure we didn’t capsize; it was my natural reaction to hold onto the sheet as tightly as possible, for grim death, so to speak. Unfortunately, this tightened the jib and gave the wind a good strong sail to blow us over with. I learned very quickly, that to stay safe and above water, I had to let go and let the jib flap so that it would offer no wind resistance. This reminds me of how we hold onto doing, rather than feel completely powerless; we prefer doing anything, even the wrong thing rather than feeling ineffectual. We love strategies, rituals and multi point plans; we don’t consider doing ‘nothing’ as an acceptable way to react. Stillness, I now realise is always the best way; in the stillness, lie the answers. In our peaceful space, unimpeded by our usual thought noise we connect easily to our inbuilt resources, our innate wisdom, creativity and innovation…our magic.

I have been so incredibly happy that I don’t get caught up in my thinking any more, that I am no longer a slave to my emotions and that I am free that I rested back on my laurels and simply enjoyed. I knew I would continue having insights and I always love them but I didn’t realise how huge and amazing they would be.

Since I learned how my thoughts worked, several years ago, I have had a wonderfully fabulous and full life and enjoyed every second of it. I’d learned to observe my thoughts from a little distance so that I didn’t need to be affected by them, if I didn’t want to be; I noticed that I often felt a bubbling extreme happiness, an excitement. The freedom this understanding has given me is so awesome and has changed my life so much that now I see wonderful people, places and opportunities everywhere I look. I knew that being excited is as ungrounded as feeling depressed or anxious but it was such a novelty for me to feel so consistently good that I attached to it….big time. I knew that whenever I wanted, I could connect to my inner wisdom and clarity whenever I wanted to; bliss.

Bring on the cheerleaders

My insight showed me that there was, of course, absolutely nothing wrong with my feeling fizzingly overjoyed a lot of the time, but that it brought with it, an underlying noise. I saw that I could feel that good but with a little less going on in the background; experience that ‘less is more’. I can be more mindful, I can just be even more of my time; exactly how I feel is always my choice. This new insight was somewhat of a revelation because I hadn’t even been aware that my excitement was partially obscuring my natural simplicity and peace; it had sneaked in under the radar. I spent a few days noticing what happened with my thoughts when my mood was elevated and saw how fast they were and not too far away from becoming jumbled. It was as if I was living with a crowd of cheerleaders in my head, cheering me on. It felt good but I realised that if I’d been watching a film of my thoughts, it wouldn’t have been too relaxing. I saw that I could further fine tune my feelings….set them to the optimum level for my well being; I could choose how closely to watch that film, like I can with any of my thoughts. The stillness I then settled into was gentle, easy and comfortable…like coming home.

I love being animated…and I also love my new found, even quieter simplicity. From this place of tranquillity, I was able to observe how often I repeated a word or phrase as a background program, by way of a memory tool; I hadn’t ever noticed before that I was doing it. It’s been really interesting finding that there’s a quiet collection of thoughts going on in my head behind the thoughts I’d already dealt with. I guess I wasn’t able to hear this secondary noise until the louder thoughts had sloped off when they noticed I’d stopped giving them the attention they seemed to need.

Once I became aware of my quiet but audible background thoughts, I saw that whenever I had a list of things to do, (I’m a busy woman running several businesses so this happens quite often) there was a buzz going on behind the scenes; now I can bask in the stillness, whatever else is going on.

I have loved discovering that I can get as much and often more achieved without the necessity of that buzz. It was trying to push me forward but I know that actually, it had been causing ‘more haste, less speed’.

Another time I was aware of that ‘helpful’ buzz was when I was at a junction, trying to turn onto a busy road. I know, now, that I can drive without my whole cheerleading crew motivating me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we can make fast decisions, work in busy environments and efficiently carry out parallel tasks without any level of anxiety. I don’t need to hear the cheerleaders repeating words or sentences on loop to aid my memory….and especially not after I’ve actually completed the tasks!

I wonder what is going on with your thoughts that could be quietened? Mine didn’t particularly distinguish between everyday tasks and momentous ones; all sorts of lists were repeated behind my forefront thoughts. I now see that my memory was poor because my brain was filled up with pompoms!

I have found I can run my businesses, my home and indeed my entire life….including road junctions… all by myself without the cheerleaders’ help. Who knew?!

Next week I’ll be talking about how we feel the need to protect ourselves and fight away any competition. Until then, have a wonderfully exciting yet peaceful week and let me know if you’ve got any comments or questions.

Love Catherine x

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