How to be happy…for dummies

I find it really interesting and totally awesome that my understanding of how thought works and its role in our lives, deepens all the time. With everything l learned in my life, prior to this, I'd felt it had been important to know it completely, glean every last detail. I considered it lazy and half-hearted not to study a subject I wanted to be proficient in, to the very best of my ability, whatever it took. I was always exceedingly proud of myself when I felt I was an authority on something.

And now...?

Now it doesn't seem to be necessary to me to be the cleverest or most knowledgeable person in the I can easily admit my humanness and acknowledge that I'm often a total dummy. Now I'm a lot more concerned about being the kindest and the gentlest.

I see now, that because my self-esteem was so low, I over-compensated by needing to be thought of as worthy, as intelligent, as correct, in as many situations as possible. Not only this but I needed to prove myself better than whoever I considered as my competition. I would never have admitted to not being confident, not being highly trained.

'Those who can do...those who can't teach' and 'teachers have so many holidays don't they?' 

I never did agree with either of these silly statements, of course, but I guess I must've still carried them as heavy chips on my shoulder; as well as having to prove myself to be an excellent authority, I also needed my students to reach their fullest potential. Even though this meant they might surpass me, it showed my teaching prowess and how hard working I was. It was exhausting having to prove myself the whole time! If you struggle with low confidence in yourself, you'll probably recognise these feelings.

Now that meet every person and situation from a loving and happy place, I want my clients to achieve the most they possibly can, because I want them to be happy and fulfilled for their on well-being...want them to be the very best version of themselves because we all deserve that.

That day...

The day I suddenly understood that I didn't have to give attention to any thought I chose not to, any thought that made me feel uncomfortable in any way, was one of the best days in my life. The feeling of compassion for myself and all others, that flooded over me, could have been overwhelming had it not been so gentle and loving. I felt my heart would burst with love. I could greet anything and anyone with grace and respect...with a clear head and a grateful heart...where before it would have been with insecurity and self-defensiveness.

There is only love...or the absence of it

The new me had no fear...could only experience love. I felt lighter, purer. To learn more about it, please read my first blog post, New day, new life; isn't it time you had a good day, every day?

I knew that, though l had occasionally felt glimpses of the joy and peace I felt on that special day, this time I had come too far to go back. This was my life from then on. This bliss was mine...had always been mine...and suddenly I had rediscovered it...and would never lose connection to it ever again. I considered myself truly blessed.

That was a few years ago and, by the grace of the kind intelligence behind life, I was right, I never looked back, I couldn't un-see what I had seen. I love my life; every single day.

Deeper and deeper

Several times since then, though, I have experienced my understanding getting deeper...falling beautifully into place...making me more and more grateful, more and more accepting...more and more loving.

Every time it has felt, at least, totally amazing. I'm pretty sure and very happy that l won't ever stop getting these insights...never stop learning and growing.

For the first time, I'm thrilled not to know everything because I love each time I know more. My old self would have been desperate for the next increment of wisdom and happiness, now I simply trust there will be a next time and don't miss a second of my precious and wonderful now by wishing away my life or taking what I have for granted.

I am truly happy, not with over-excitement or with any boasting but with a stillness and an acceptance. I don't need to cling to any person, object or situation, I know that I hold the key to my happiness...that I needn't depend on anything outside me.

At one time, I would have feared this feeling, thought it would have been lonely or scary; it is neither. I now feel safe to love let myself be be in competition with no one. I am completely free; I am untethered by the slavery to my emotions. No longer at the beck and call of anxiety...of depression...of eating disorders...of suicidal thoughts. I feel as deeply as ever I did...more deeply...I just choose not to feel jealousy, pain or anything else that doesn't feel nice. I watch the thoughts that used to lead to those emotions come...and go. The old me would certainly have attached to them, focussed on them...given them life. I have found that when we don't give thoughts our attention, they pass very quickly. 

If I can do can do it

You can no doubt see, from the passion with which I write, how much my life has changed and how I am unendingly grateful for that. I am not sharing this to make me special or show off, I am sharing because I want you too, too feel this fabulous. I want you to be happy and peaceful like me.

If I could turn my life so far round from believing myself unworthy of love to knowing that I had that love inside me all the time. I believe anyone can.

Let me help you. Let me coach you happy. Let me help you reclaim the joy and love you were born with.

Next week I'm going to be sharing with you how you and I can change the world. Until then, have an amazing time and be sure to comment or contact me if you have any questions or input.

Love Catherine x


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