I hold my hands up; my bad

After reading some of your comments, I realise that I may have inadvertently misled a few of you, and, if so, then I whole-heartedly apologise and would like to explain myself and my understanding better.

I didn’t intend to give you the idea that how I live my life is about swapping ‘bad’ thoughts for ‘good’ thoughts, nor is it about never feeling sad….or any other emotion I don’t enjoy the feel of and it certainly isn’t about becoming emotionless or ‘cold’ in any way. I don’t need to worry about letting go of any of my thoughts; when we meet thought with understanding, thought lets go.

This is about knowing that we always, always have a choice how to feel…always, always have the choice which of our thoughts to focus on.

I’m still human

I can still feel every single emotion; of course I can, I’m still human as you will be. I just, no longer, attach to the feelings I don’t like; I don’t give them extra energy; I don’t make mountains out of molehills. Ever. Period.

None of our emotions are good or bad, they just are. We can simply let them come and go…and know that we will be okay, whatever happens. You may like to read Nothing and no one can ever hurt us.

Thinking we know, blocks us from knowing

This is true for everything in life. If we think we know how best to make a cake, for instance, this sureness will stop us from learning what could be a better way. We do this because of an insecurity about admitting we don’t know everything and a fear of change…better the devil we know. We stay in lots of very uncomfortable places because of our fear of the unknown. Feel the fear and do it anyway goes into this in more detail.

It’s too easy to be true

Although the understanding of life that I have, feels easy, simple and comfortable, I don’t want you to have the idea that it’s easy for everyone to grasp. All this would lead to is lots of people feeling frustrated or inadequate because they aren’t happy yet. There is no rush…just open your mind and heart to the possibility that there is a kindness behind lie and we are all meant to be happy. By letting gentleness…vulnerability into your life, you’ll find that life becomes easier, stops being an uphill struggle, has your back.

A lot of people believe that we can’t feel joy and peace until we have felt pain. I agree that we learn from our challenges but I also believe that happiness is ours, it is our birthright; we are all born with love and that love is always available to us, even when we think it isn’t. Being certain that we don’t deserve love and happiness, that we haven’t suffered enough yet is one of the ways we block ourselves; one of the reasons we miss out on joy. A lot of us are guilty about feeling happy, for lots of different reasons; maybe we feel we ‘shouldn’t’ feel happy until everyone else is okay. Some people simply don’t feel worthy of feeling good. PLEASE BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

It’s okay for you

I am very lucky. I have a wonderful, wonderful family, great friends, fabulous hobbies and ‘work’ and live in a house I love in a gorgeous part of the world. I consider myself to be truly blessed. Maybe you think it’s no wonder I’m happy; I’ve got it made. If this were true, all successful, rich and beautiful people would be happy and all poor people would be sad; this isn’t the case. We are so sure of our differences, the ways our lives don’t match, we miss seeing all the our many, many similarities. We are infinitely more similar than dissimilar, we can all feel hurt and we can all feel love. If we could just see our oneness rather than wasting our time getting bogged down by the our perceived separation…we could get on with our purpose, our kindness, our enjoyment of life.

Stop holding yourself back and get on with your life!

Why do we thwart ourselves? Why do we get in our own way? Why are we often our own worst energy? The answer is that we don’t know there’s any other way to be. We’re all simply doing our best with what we have in every moment. Let’s give ourself a break!

For a long time, I held myself back because I thought the rules I followed were ‘reality’. It was a huge thing for me when I learned that they weren’t and even huger when I learned that very few of them were even my rules…but rather appropriated from my parents and friends. I looked at the stories and rules I was telling myself in a whole new light…looked at them, knowing I could go along with them, change them or ignore them. I can’t tell you how wonderfully liberating it was for me….how wonderfully liberating it will be for you.

More questions than answers

I completely understand that what I say will throw up more questions than answers. Feel free to ask me anything…but also know that it doesn’t matter if we know everything; it doesn’t need to be so important to us. It’s okay not to know everything…to be a work in progress….I tried it and not only did the sky did not fall in, but it gave me such an enormous feeling of freedom….it still does.

Next time I'm going to be writing about simplicity. Until then, have an amazing time and be sure to comment or contact me if you have any questions or input.

Love Catherine x

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