The reason why all of us should be happy

I read an amazing post today, written by a very dear friend. She wrote

We are only fearful when we forget that we are okay.

I immediately stopped what I was doing and allowed its wisdom to soak in properly. It’s really powerful, don’t you think? Even now, I keep feeling it on a deeper and deeper level.

When we are grounded and peaceful, we know for certain that we are okay…that we are safe…that there is no room for negativity where we are. In that head space it is simply not possible to feel fearful, insecure, defensive, angry, jealous or an other feeling we don’t enjoy.

The problem is, that many people are never grounded. I lived in constant fight or flight for decades…anxiety, eating disorders, depression and suicidal thoughts were my ‘normal’. I didn’t know another way to be.

Maybe you know what’s that’s like?

I believe that we are each born with all the love and resources within us, that we will ever need. Unfortunately, life has a habit of getting in the way, of course, and we lose connection to that limitless love. It never ever leaves us, we just don’t feel that we have access to it any more. Most people either forget about it or stop believing that it even exists.

I spent a great deal of my life not really believing it and certainly not believing that it was available to me. I was miserable and felt I had absolutely no control over my feelings. Until one day, on beautiful day, I had a life-changing enlightenment…you can read about it, if you like, in New day, new life; isn’t it time you had a good day, every day?

Everything was different for me, from that day on. Every single part of my life transformed. My marriage, which had been well and truly challenged by my unstable moods, improved beyond recognition, my relationship with my two wonderful grown up children changed dramatically, my health improved, my business improved……

Since then, I have been passionate about helping people find the joy, peace and happiness that I have found. Nothing is better than seeing the way my clients’ lives improve, seeing their joy. So, you see, I am absolutely able to promise you that this happiness really does exist….and I’d really love to help you reconnect to it.

I’d really love to coach you happy.

Wake up, have a wonderful day, go to bed and sleep well, repeat

This is exactly what my life is like now. Every. Single. Day.

Sure, some days are more challenging than others, that’s how life is, but by giving my energy to what I love and not to what I don’t like so much, life is far easier. Now that I have learned to let go of anything that I can’t change, and that I can choose how to feel in any and every given moment, I am always ready to meet whatever life hands me with grace, with serenity, with wisdom. As I write these words, I marvel at how these things are now my life, when they felt a million miles away for so long. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful for understanding how to let go and treat life gently. This is why I now share with you.

Where did I leave my okayness?

You are always okay. Always…even when that doesn’t seem true to you. As soon as we start believing it, the magic happens. You might like to read Your happy place; now on demand and How to be happy…for dummies.

Your okayness is right here, right now. People exhaust themselves, searching in all the wrong places, sometimes for their whole lifetimes. Sadly, it’s right under their noses the whole time and they just can’t see it because they’re blocking themselves by being so sure it must be difficult to find. They search in the past, or feel sure it must be in the future. They search in their relationships, in money, in fame and in alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling. They always search on the outside of themselves.

Your okayness is within you, it always has been and it always will be. If you are struggling with this, please contact me for a chat about how I can coach you happy.

Love Catherine x

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