In last week's blog, Enjoy the relationships you've always dreamed of; the perfect ones, I talked about how love actually works and that you can enjoy 'perfect' relationships. This week, I want to talk about the most important relationship of all; the one with yourself. Until you can accept, love and appreciate yourself unconditionally, it simply isn't possible for you to extend that love to anyone else. I know that many of you will already be cringing at the very idea of 'loving yourself'. Some of you will think that it would mean you were conceited and showing off, others, that it's tantamount to sin. What I am talking about is not conceited, not showing off and certainly not sinful. I'm meaning a gentle acceptance of the you that is trying your best under, sometimes, difficult circumstances, the inner, authentic, ego-less, beautiful you. The you that came into this world perfect, the you that is still perfect; the you that just is and doesn't need to define itself with anything after 'I am', doesn't need to add 'a fabulous friend', 'a rubbish mother', 'a tall person', 'a wheelchair user' or anything else. The real you, the soul you. The you I'm pointing at is the you that that doesn't need to justify itself, the you that has no need for a label, the you that is in competition with no one.