The American dream; I loved my USA holiday…and all my thoughts there

I adore how I keep getting insights around how our thoughts work and that I know they’ll keep coming. It feels amazing when something drops further into place and my understanding deepens; my life gets better and better each time it happens. There is no time when these insights can’t happen and they may be huge or very huge!

I am very lucky to be able to travel a couple of times a year and my capacity for receiving these wonderful nuggets of intuition always comes with me. Even though the impact on my life, each time, is enormous, they’re difficult to describe, because I only have language, and feelings are often beyond words; I find using analogies and stories often help.


I flew to Spain last February and, leaving a grey and wet UK behind, I loved, as always, seeing the sun, bright and beautiful above the clouds; the heaven reminiscent scene could have been a million miles away but I knew I was just a very short distance up and along from rainy Bristol. It struck me that, just like the sun, my peaceful and happy self is always there too, even when I can’t see it. It is just a simple shift in perspective, and just knowing this, had a massive effect on my life. This shift seemed to hang in the air, just out of my reach, for quite a while, before I had my first big insight. As soon as I caught it, though, just like with the 3D magic eye pictures that were so popular in the 1990s, once I saw it, I couldn’t not see it. In the same way, each new situation I was presented with became easier and quicker to see for what it was. You may like to check out Overthinking. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

As we passed through the magical land of white cotton wool and shining yellow light, I was filled with an enormous feeling of love; love for myself and for all others; an all encompassing, unconditional, all-consuming love and compassion. I feel truly blessed to have had my life transformed with this understanding and my greatest wish is that I can help improve your life experience too.

Your life jacket is under your seat

At the beginning of my flight to New York last month, I noticed that I felt a little anxious during the safety presentation. What if I couldn’t remember how to fasten my life jacket? What if people panicked so much that we couldn’t get to the exits? I smiled at myself; in the rare event of an emergency, I would remain calm, connect to my inner wisdom and know exactly what to do in the moment.

There were a lot more infants on the flight than usual and they all cried almost all the time; I observed people getting exasperated. Fortunately, I was able to see that there is never any point arguing with what is; with what one cannot change. Other than giving understanding looks to the parents and kindly ones to the babies, there was nothing to be done so I let their wailing wash over me. The crying and grisling could only grate on me if I allowed it to, and I didn’t.

It was a seven and a half hour flight and the space was obviously restricted; the cabin crew turned down the lights to aid sleep so vision was limited too. I saw couples become riled and short with each other, I saw people becoming grumpy, I found myself getting irritated that I couldn’t see clearly enough to find things I wanted in my flight bag. As soon as I recognised that I was getting rattled, I was able to step back and smile at myself again.

I tell you these stories, not to gloat, but to show how your life too, can be peaceful and enjoyable and also to assure you that you won’t lose any of your humanness or empathy.

Days out

In Florida, we took a coach to Busch Gardens which was nearly one and a half hours from where we were staying in Orlando. When we arrived, the driver told us that he would be leaving for the return journey at 7 o’clock that evening; not two or even one minute past but precisely at 7 and that we must all make sure we were on the coach and ready to leave because an Uber would be very expensive! After a wonderful but very hot, sticky and tiring day, all but two of us were on the coach ready to leave on time. The driver informed us that the rest room was out of order and also that we were waiting for two passengers; he explained that he had to give them fifteen minutes. Everyone seemed rather miffed, seeing that they had made the effort and had a longish journey ahead of them and no doubt plans for the evening. When, at last, the couple boarded the coach at exactly quarter past the hour, their reception committee was grumpy and in one case, vocally rude. A young lady voiced, what I think we all felt, but were too polite to say, that the couple had been very selfish. It was at this point, after they had done the walk of shame to find the only spare seats at the back of the coach, that the driver informed us that their roller-coaster had broken down and they had been waiting, helpless, in mid air. They must have been very worried, trapped and knowing there was nothing they could do to reach their ride home and thinking that it would leave without them, as they had been warned. Everybody, it seemed, immediately stopped feeling angry and started feeling sorry for them and guilty for thinking the worst. At the same time, their irritation shifted to the girl who had spoken out, for adding stress to the situation and being nasty to the couple who had already suffered an ordeal. To further convolute the situation, it then transpired that the forthright young lady had a condition which necessitated her using the restroom frequently and the lack of it had thrown her into an anxious panic. Suddenly people warmed to her again and tried to reassure her; the driver saved the day by saying she could use the bathroom as long as she didn’t mind the broken seat. Finally, peace was restored and we travelled home before going our separate ways.

This further illustrated, to me, the way we each experience ‘reality’ from our own perspective. Had we all been armed, from the beginning, with the entire information we eventually gleaned, people would, no doubt, have felt and acted differently.

One small step

On another outing to the Kennedy Space Centre, we attended an informative and entertaining 3D globe talk about our solar system, I learnt that whilst all the planets revolve around our sun in the same direction, Venus and Uranus spin the opposite way about their axes to all the others. This reminded me of a post I’d seen on Facebook:

Breaking News : The earth revolves around the sun. This may upset a few people who think it revolves around them.

To me this wasn’t just amusing, I saw its truth and admit, reluctantly, that I used to be pretty sure, certainly on some level, that I was the centre of the universe; that the people I held dear, existed, in part, to keep me happy. I hadn’t been aware of this at the time, of course, or I would have changed my ways a lot earlier. I see now, that it’s actually very common for people to only see their perspective and be unable to stand in others’ shoes. Maybe you’d like to read more on this in Stop holding yourself back and get on with your life!

Any insight that allows you to see that every single person has a unique and valid view of their surroundings and that the idea of a definitive reality doesn’t make sense, is a giant leap for mankind.

Next week I’m going to explore choosing love over fear. Until then, have a great week and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Catherine x

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