Choosing fear over love

We each have, within us, the capacity to choose love rather than fear in any situation. Unfortunately, most people inadvertently choose fear because they don’t realise they have a choice. Connecting to our innate ability can be challenging enough in situations that aren’t majorly important to us. When faced with highly emotive sets of circumstances, we tend to fall back on our tried and tested method of believing our thoughts, and it works reliably each time; we get the same old result ~ we suffer.

We attach to every worry that enters our head and overthink it until we are paralysed with negative stimuli; our minds become so filled with anxiety that we cannot function let alone choose love and happiness. We become flustered and desperate, panicky and frightened; our reasoning and judgement become unreliable and inefficient. When we realise that we can simply decide to attach to a thought or not, we become free of fear; we can choose love every time.

We have been subjected to some heinous crimes in recent times. There have been far too many terrorist attacks and way too many people have lost their lives.

I was reminded by a friend, the day after the London Bridge attacks, of the wonderful Mahatma Gandhi quote:

‘You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.’

It is easy to think the world is going mad and that the position is irreversible; ultimately that there is no hope and no point trying to make things better. Even people who I know to be spiritual have shown growing fear and loathing. I understand their shock, of course, their anger, their frustration and even their hatred, I just don’t think that adding that hate to hate can ever lead to peace. I’m not naïve enough to think that our love will have an immediate, direct or complete affect on the perpetrators of atrocities worldwide. I do believe, however, that if we reside in the peaceful space we always have access to, the more contagious that calm will be. We will also be connected to limitless wisdom and clarity and be able to deal with any situation with kindness and clarity. Decisions made from a clear and loving head-space will always be far more efficient than ones born of terror and confusion.

I have an amazing family and friendship group, filled with loving and open people. I am surrounded, every day by people who understand that they can choose love over fear in any and every moment. I forget that my loved ones are not representative of the general public; the reaction to these dreadful attacks reminds me.

Hope and love

With each terrorist attack, I hear and see escalating levels of hatred and anxiety but I have also observed how many other people have banded together and stood firmly in support and love.

I think now, more than ever, it is essential for us all to keep a clear head and a warm heart. If some of us have demonstrated that we can do it, so can everybody.

As individuals, there is precious little we can do to stop terrorist attacks; we can’t change laws or force change; we cannot change anything on the outside of us. The only person we do have control over is ourselves; the amount of love or fear we send out into the cosmos. I realise that most of you won’t believe our thoughts can affect even ourselves, let alone anything on the outside of us. Maybe you would concede that, if there is any possibility that sending out love can help, surely we should do it? If you don’t believe it can help, there’d be no reason not to do it, right?

Adding more hate and fear to an already dangerous situation doesn’t seem sensible to me, sending thoughts of peace, does.

When I first saw the amazing Masaru Emoto water crystal photographs, where he shows that crystal formations in water that has been shouted at are chaotic and messy and the crystals from water that has been prayed to are beautiful symmetric patterns, I was spellbound; it reminded me that love always trumps fear. Our bodies are sixty percent water; I can’t see, therefore, how we can not be affected by thought.


I really don’t want to foist my ideas onto anyone or cause any upset and I sincerely apologise if I’ve overstepped the line.

On the morning after the London Bridge incident, I posted on facebook and instagram and it was the very first post on which I had no engagement, no likes, no comments and no shares.

It seems that people may not be ready for the understanding I have, but I still feel that I must keep sharing my message where I can; if I help just one person to gain a better experience of life, a more peaceful and happy existence, then it will have been worth it.

I have a daughter who lives in London, so could be constantly fearful and needing continuous reassurances but that doesn’t seem to be any way for me or her to live our lives.

I believe that we have to be the peace and the love we want to see. The more of us who choose love over fear, the more people there will be who hear our message.

This is a time when more peace and love are needed, not less.

If we don’t have love, we have nothing; no one can take away our love, our well-being, unless we let them. You may like to read more on this in my post Nothing and no one can ever hurt us.

The future can be bright

I would like to see a time when everyone can see that just because they have a thought in their head, they needn’t have to act upon it; a time when it is more natural for us all to be connected to our innate love, clarity, peace and wisdom than to live in the feeling of our thinking, in the feeling of fear. A time when atrocities won’t happen because people will know how to check if they are in a grounded enough place to believe their thoughts or make decisions. A time when there will only be love.

I hope you have a truly happy and peaceful week and don’t hesitate to message me if you have questions or comments.

Next week I’m going to be looking at the secret of success.

Love Catherine x

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