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Reclaim Your Life

I am a subconscious rewiring coach and help people, just like you, to control their emotions and overthinking by reprogramming their neural pathways.

Over the past 30 years I have helped thousands of people who were struggling to enjoy their lives. I showed them how to improve the relationship they have with themselves…

so that they had better relationships with their partners, family, career and health.

I showed them how to come back to this very moment…the only moment we ever have.

If you know deep down that there is more to life than you’re currently experiencing and you want to become the very best version of you…

I’d like to share with you how to create a life of such value that everyone will respect and want to be around you…

Before my life-changing epiphany back in 2015 I was way too often depressed, anxious and malnourished from denying myself food.

The Catherine Harman Subconscious Rewiring Process changed everything for me…


What I share isn’t the usual mindset improvement we often see.

This is not about just learning how to live positively…it’s about being okay, even when things aren’t going as planned…even when you have things to do that you didn’t choose.

This is not about self-care…it’s lovely to go to the gym, have a massage, buy yourself a coffee…

but if you haven’t rewired your subconscious…

you will never be permanently happy…

Most people who attend my masterclasses and seminars or join my programs, know a lot of theory about becoming peaceful, happy and in control…just like you they have educated themselves and read the books….

but now it’s time to embody it…live it.


Retrain Your Thoughts
self sabotage behaviour

Have you ever wondered why you keep repeating the same self-sabotaging behaviour?

Maybe you find yourself stuck in dramas or dating an unsuitable partner time and time again?

Have you ever promised others or yourself that you won’t do certain things again, and then watch helplessly as you do them again and again?

This could be anything from getting upset or losing your temper to having affairs or gambling and drinking.

Do you value yourself as much as you’d like to?

Is your low self-confidence stopping you achieving what you’d like to?

Do you think you may have limiting beliefs in your personal or business life?

Is decision-making difficult for you?

Do you second guess yourself or rely on others to tell you the right way to turn?

Do you feel people are taking advantage of you but find it too difficult to set boundaries without causing confrontation?

Are you lacking clarity, purpose or motivation in any part of your life?

Do you feel like a victim and that life happens to you without you having any power to stop it? Are you giving your power away?

Are you relying on other people, situations or objects to provide your happiness?

Do you tend to compare yourself to others…and find that you come out lacking? Does everybody else’s life look easier than yours?

It isn’t pleasant, but true nonetheless, that you’re actually doing this to yourself, albeit without realising.

Life is precious.

Every second you waste not being the best version of yourself, is lost forever.

Fortunately I can show you how to take control whenever you choose to do the inner work, invest in yourself and make your dreams a reality.

Isn’t it time to reclaim your life right now?

self sabotage behaviour